Children love to hear exciting stories about bravery and situations they recognise. Brave Bear and his friends give the children familiar, amazing, captivating stories, that encourage bravery and boost self-esteem. The Brave Books teams have created dozens of story books relating to every day issues facing parents and children, to help them with the changes and challenges in life through adventures with Brave Bear and friends.

Brave Bear books can be used throughout your child’s life from early toddler years of learning to use the potty and giving up their dummy to encouraging bravery in older children when going to school, fighting with friends, understanding illnesses, experiencing bullying or trauma and much more. Click here to read more about how these therapy books can be used to help your child. It is advisable to buy a mini Brave Bear with your first book order, the Brave Bear encourages bravery.

Glance through all the wonderful titles in the Brave Books collection, if our titles are not what you looking for please tell us your story. If the Brave Books team think your story can also help other families, Brave Bear and friends will create a magical book for you. 

New Books Launched Monthly 


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Meet Brave Bear and a few of his brave friends…




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TraumaCare are leading specialists providing Counselling Services, Psychologists and Play Therapists. Play Therapy is generally used with children aged 3 through to teenagers, it provides a way for them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. Communicating through play is an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.   



FitBrain supply a extensive selection of educational toys, educational toys are designed to help children develop fundamental abilities, these include cognitive thinking and problem solving. The Fitbrain range provides educational toys and games for all age groups. The range includes products that teach numeracy, language, construction, art, role playing, music and science. Teachers resources include wall charts, posters and playroom accessories. All products assist in early childhood development.






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MiGi Designs, celebrate life, friendship and family with  MiGi Designs’, a unique range of lifestyle products which span decor, kids, bags and pets. Some of the best and most trusted products for your kids. Their hammocks, swings and teepees have therapeutic benefits, they are safe and they add a bespoke effect to your décor.