I am going to the dentist


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A book to encourage bravery in a child when they are diagnosed with CF.

Children worry about a number of things when they find out that they are going to the dentist. It could be separation anxiety, children could fear that their parents may leave them at the dentist’s room or the children could be worried about pain. Some children have had a bad experience with medical professionals, their speed, efficiency or detached attitude can seem like sternness or dislike.  Another fear is that of the unknown, this book is here to help, preparation and information are vital to help children understand as much as possible before they visit the dentist.  Children sometimes also have feelings of guilt thinking they are being punished for something they have done wrong by having to go to the dentist.questions over and over again. Read this book regularly to your child to help them through this difficult time

Children need to taught to be safe and look after their bodies. Brave Books offers a selection of titles in this section that cover the danger of strangers, coping with a traumatic event, how to deal with illness, going to doctors and dentists, good touch – bad touch, sex education and many others

Many books have been written others are coming soon. 

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