I have seizures


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A book to encourage bravery and understanding when a child experience seizures.

Seizures have many causes and are fairly common in children. It doesn’t necessarily mean he or she has epilepsy, nor does it mean the child has a greater risk of developing epilepsy in the future. A seizure occurs when many brain cells abnormally fire at the same time. This temporarily disrupts the brain’s normal electrical signals. The intense, excessive electrical activity overwhelms the brain and may cause changes in behaviour, awareness and body movements. Possible causes of seizures in children and adolescents are: High fever/Concussion/Drug use/Low blood sugar. Read this book regularly with your child to help them understand why they have seizures.

Children need to taught to be safe and look after their bodies. Brave Books offers a selection of titles in this section that cover the danger of strangers, coping with a traumatic event, how to deal with illness, going to doctors, good touch – bad touch, sex education and many others

Many books have been written others are coming soon. 

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