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For most children, pets are more than just animals that are own, they’re members of the family and definitely best of friends. Unfortunately having this best friend goes hand-in-hand with the sadness of a pet dying, whether because of old age, illness, or an accident. This can be very difficult. It is almost impossible to shelter kids from the loss of a pet but you can help them cope with it.  A child’s age, maturity level, and questions will help determine whether to offer a clear and simple explanation for what’s going to happen. Perhaps most important, talk about your pet, often and with love and read this book with your child to help them through this difficult time.

This series of books deal with loss and the absence of family, friends and pets, including death, divorce and extended period of absence. The loss of someone close through death is a traumatic and painful event for the majority of people. For many children and young people the death of a parent, sibling, friend or relative can be extremely difficult because of the child’s inability to understand and articulate their feelings.

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