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Leaving your child at home while you travel may feel a bit frightening and stressful if you’ve never done it before — and even if you have! But you can prepare your child before you leave so that both of you can feel more comfortable. Whether it’s to go to work or go on a business trip, saying goodbye to your children for any length of time and seeing their sad faces can be heartbreaking, not to mention guilt-inducing. To make those moments a bit easier, here are a few ideas. Tattoos hugs can be soothing, drawing hearts on your hand and your child’s hand. Use a visual aid, calendar of days away so they can mark off the days and easily see when you will be back. Read this book regularly to encourage bravery in your child.

This series of books deal with loss and the absence of family, friends and pets, including death, divorce and extended period of absence. The loss of someone close through death is a traumatic and painful event for the majority of people. For many children and young people the death of a parent, sibling, friend or relative can be extremely difficult because of the child’s inability to understand and articulate their feelings.

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