My friends are fighting with me


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As parents, it is painful to watch our children suffer hurt, rejection, and isolation when they fight with their friends. However, this too seems to be a part of the growing-up experience. Even though children seem to suffer terribly when they fight, they usually get over the pain much more quickly than adults do. It is a mistake for parents to think they should protect their children from experiencing problems in life. Instead of playing the rescuer, parents can help their children more by being observers, listeners, coaches, and cheerleaders. In this way, children learn they can deal with life experiences in productive ways or that they can simply deal with the pain and that it goes away when they get on with their lives.

During each stage multiple changes in the development of the brain are taking place. Ages and stages is a term used to broadly outline key periods in the human development timeline. Stages include physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional. Brave Books offers a number of topics that cover these exciting yet challenging years.

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