We had a car accident


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Car Accidents are unexpected events that often result in injury. Accidents can have physical consequences for children that range from mild and temporary to severe and long-term depending on the nature of the accident. Children may also be exposed to unfamiliar and unpleasant aspects of medical care. Sometimes, children are also faced with ongoing difficulties, such as coping with the injury or death of someone else in the same accident, or ongoing health problems and rehabilitation. It will take time for children to recover from an accident and will need support and help.  Seek professional help if your child is not getting better and read this book regularly to help them.

Children need to taught to be safe and look after their bodies. Brave Books offers a selection of titles in this section that cover the danger of strangers, coping with a traumatic event, how to deal with illness, going to doctors, good touch – bad touch, sex education and many others.

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