Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced


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A book to help your child understand and cope with divorce.

A separation or divorce is a highly stressful and emotional experience for everyone involved, but to your children it can often feel like their whole world has been turned upside down. Your patience, reassurance and listening ear can minimise tension as your children learn to cope with unfamiliar circumstances. Children feel safer and more secure when they know what to expect next. If your children are taking strain and you cannot cope please seek professional help. Read this book regularly to your children to help them understand and to be encouraged to ask questions.

Routine and being able to predict what happens is important to children and makes them feel safe. However as we all know life does not stay the same, there are many changes through our lifetime, we move house, we have another baby, friends move away, kids move school, separation or divorce happens or we experience a death of a close one.

Children need time to process all of the information that they are exposed to and appreciate daily routines and repetition or they may become stressed. They like knowing that when they arrive home from child care, mommy and daddy fix dinner, then the family eats, then there is a bath and then two stories. Children thrive on the predictability of daily routines. Brave Books offer a selection of titles covering changes in the lives of children. 

Many books have been written others are coming soon. 

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