I am adopted


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A book to help your child understand what adoption means.

It is important as an adoptive parent to determine what and when to tell your child about adoption. Many specialists suggest that the ideal time for telling children about their adoption appears to be between the ages of 6 and 8. By the time children are 6 years old, they usually feel established enough in their family not to feel threatened by learning about adoption. Waiting until adolescence to reveal a child’s adoption to him or her is not recommended, at this age it can be devastating to children’s self-esteem. If your adopted child is of a different race or has very different physical features from your family, you must look out for signs that he or she is aware of the difference.

Allow him to express his feelings. Talk about why he is sad or angry, and let him know that you acknowledge and understand those feelings. Read this book regularly to your child to help them understand adoption and feel safe.

By definition self-esteem is the way a person perceives himself, his thoughts and feelings about who he is and the ability to achieve in ways that are important to him. Children identify with who they are and how they fit into a family and society early in their lives and often children need help to understand blended families, adoptions or same sex parents.

Many books have been written others are coming soon. 

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