I have amazing red hair


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Despite receiving endless compliments from family members and general passers-by, growing up with red hair is not always easy. Not only do children stand out from the crowd but they are often through their lives victims of bullying and ridicule. It is difficult to explain to a child that children are being nasty to them just because of their hair colour! It is important to ensure your child is aware that no bullying is allowed whether it is about their hair or any other subject, they must tell an adult. Talk to your child about the differences in people from their look, hair, nose, ears and skin colour, how we are all born differently. It is important for young children to bring up the name of famous people and wonderful characters in children stories (like Princess Merida from Brave) that have red hair and it is ok to have beautiful red hair. Read this book to them regularly to encourage bravery.

By definition self-esteem is the way a person perceives himself, his thoughts and feelings about who he is and the ability to achieve in ways that are important to him. Children identify with who they are and how they fit into a family and society early in their lives and often children need help to understand blended families, adoptions or same sex parents.

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